Global Branding and Distribution

LM Entertainment is a leader in business branding, promotion and digital content distribution. We help entreprenuers establish and grow their business and product lines. Our web development and marketing team give our clients a competitive edge when it comes to global marketing. The internet and social media platforms change constantly, LM Entertainment pride's itself on staying on top of new technology and marketing techniques. From print news media to online marketing, TV Commercial spots, Radio play, Mobile advertising to custom websites and apps, we promote and distribute to any medium and format. Let us tell your story.

Multimedia Services

LM Entertainment is a premier provider of multimedia services for print, online, mobile apps, compact disks and DVDs. In today's media production, advertising venues are constantly changing and growing by the minute. LM Entertainment constantly evolving with new technologies and is positioned a head of growing trends to make your marketing and production campaigns dynamic and effective.

LM Entertainment utilizes four major departments for your production needs, website development, audio-visual production, photography and graphic arts. From static informational web pages to dynamic animated pages, LME expertise can design and develop a website for your custom needs. Whether you're an event professional or a filmmaker our AV department can service your production needs. LM Entertainment offers services ranging from concept design to video/film recording, editing, compositing and mastering solutions.

In every stage of production one key element is almost always necessary, and that element is graphic design. This is at the very core of LM Entertainment. If you need designs for a flyer or special effects for a commercial or feature film, LM Entertainment can walk you through the steps necessary to materialize your project. Whether you're an ad agency, small business owner or in film/video production, LM Entertainment can provide you with professional quality service.

Internet Marketing

We use top trending techniques to promote your product or digital content to local markets or around the world. Some of our services include Page Ranking, SEO, PPC advertising, Mobile Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Back linking, Viral Video Marketing, YouTube marketing and more. LM Entertainment provides cutting edge SEO Strategies to get our client's websites to Rank High, Gain Traffic, Convert Leads and Grow Profits.